Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Quest is on Pause for the moment

Due to summer heat, and a very frustrating time in my life at the moment...

As said, but I will post as far as I've gotten.

Here's where we started, life was okay at the moment.

Paints used.  At least for armor.

I believe this is where I last was, trying a new scheme for tabbards and purity seals.
The Facebook day.  Tested marine showed off in one of the 40k groups.  I wasn't too impressed, but 150 others were.

SO over all I was happy at this time.  But now due to excessive heat and back problems, I'm going to continue to post, but with only things I find useful and belong to others, like Mr.Tibbs, he's awesome, I suggest checking out his site.

Have a good one.

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