Saturday, August 29, 2015

Small update!

Dear Friends, and followers.

Even though I don't really have any followers, I'd like to,'s okay for now.  But in case your dropping by to see if I have anything to add read on.
So, the weather down here in Southern California has been whacky.  I'm trying to get things started, I'm eager, but I can only work in the morning.  By 10-11am it warms up and turns my room into an oven.  I live in the ghetto, so our house was built about 40 years ago and I figure they used poor insulation.  I have received my 32mm bases and I'm jazzed.
Other than modeling, I've been playing the hell out of Witcher 3.  And I love it.

Onto 40k matters.  I've been reading the rules and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do.  All these new space marine rules kinda have me in a twist.  I've been taking a look at sample armies here and there.  I'd like to field a 1000-1500 army.  A lot of people are taking combat squads, believe me when I say I'm a aesthetic kinda guy and love fielding 10 man squads.  So, free rides sounds nice but hell, thats 2 demi companies!  6 tactical squads, jeebus.  This and that, "take a naked chaplin" etcetera etcetera.

So a Gladius strike force isn't something I'll be fielding soon.  I'll take my 10 man squads, thanks.  But in order to get objective secured, I need to field a demi company.  Okay.  But a demi company at the price I'm willing to pay (as in points).  I'm not a guy who plays to win, I like playing cause its fun.  Yes, you'll see me over a table making machine gun sounds with my marines.  Kidding...

I guess I just don't want to be laughed at, a demi company cherried out with upgrades.  Yes, yes...YES!

Yeah, being a joke when I walk into my favorite GW store is not something I look forward to, but anyway, maybe I'll win a few games and understand how people are playing the game.

All in all, I look forward to painting again, the heat wave is over, according to and the news.  Yesterday it was the pinnacle of 'it' being hot.

I've been invited to go and paint over at my local gw store at Larwin Square.  It was the plan, but I don't drive and my friend who I was supposed to go with twice a week has had some personal matters to take care of.  I may convince a family member to take me for the day, twice a week again, but they mostly have stuff they need to take care of as well.  I wake up at 4 am or so every morning and start working.  I can't run my compressor that early so I've been assembling the rest of my tactical squads and moving the ones already based to new bigger better bases.  I've written about how I feel about it.  And you can read it here someplace on my blog.

So.  Pictures to come soon of my updates!  Please 'like' or 'follow' whichever it is on Google. I don't really intend on keeping my Facebook PBR updated as much.  But will see.

Happy painting every one, and gaming!


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