Sunday, July 12, 2015

Here we go, Scouts.  Yeah Scouts...
Fucking scouts.  Ugh.  I can never get this kit right.

 So searching Ebay I found, about 20 for 10 bucks.  Good deal.  Here are some, some are still bathing in a vat of purple power.  Here are some that are ready to go through the rigmarole of being what in part of, what we like to call... THE HOBBBY, dun dun duhhh... Anyways.
Friends important and caught me before arming these little bastards with bolters.  I'm going the combat shotgun approach.  For reasons, cause they look cool and they work in near close combat.
Also I have a kit of scouts on bikes I'm eager to lick and paste together.  I wanted the Landspeeder with 10 dudes crawling all over it like a freshly birthed liter of spiders on the mama's back, ya know?

Little bastards.
I got more pieces of them all over the place but mostly soaking in the purple stuff.  I don't know what's going on with that Sargent's leg.
I made them city ruin bases, but I think I spaced them wrong, so I'll have to redo a few of them.

This is the New Sarge, with powerfist.  He's coming together.

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