Thursday, June 25, 2015

Test Post

This is a test
of the emergency broadcast system.  If it were a real emergency, your state government lead directions over the vox to help you and your loved ones to safety.  If by chance you step outside your door, and a guardsmen falls at your feet, direct your family to follow the instructions being posted over the civilian vox system, pick up the lasrifle and take the guardsmen's place.  Listen for the commissar or commander or one whose giving orders.  Do not be afraid, take pride, and the Emperor protects those who are loyal!

For The Emperor,
For Terra!
For Insertnameofplanet here.

You can watch cool videos here.  Thank you for visiting and for your patronage.
Randy (fan fiction to fill the void and test my page).
Test Marine Subject Picture A

Test Marine Subject Picture B

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