Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Greenwing or Red.

Ever since summer hit its been crappy.

I can't paint all day, I have to focus on the mornings, then by 10-11am I have to pack up and wait till the next day, but I have something that may preoccupy my time till I can't take it anymore and set in front of a fan and watch movies.  Or go over to my uncles house and jump in the pool, work on my nerd tan.
I want to paint so bad, I need to funnel my creative process through my mind, to my arm and then onto the figure.  I may as well post the pictures of the last time I was able to paint.  They were coming out decent, not GD quality, but you know, better then tabletop.  Or well lets do this, I'll post my progression.

Oh, and another thing, I got my 50 32mm bases from GW last week (Thanks Dad!) and I may change up the scheme a bit.  So - these guys are about...70% done.  And I don't mind dunking them into the 'Dip.'  You know... Roger Rabbit, Turpentine.. well don't use it, that'll melt your miniatures, don't go full retard on me. Please.
The new scheme will probably be red gore or gory red from VGC, no not air, I don't have a problem or I'm not a lazy painter - I know how to thin paints, and you should to my young padawan learners.
So please don't use turpentine to remove paint from plastic miniatures. K? Good, now that we've gotten that out of the way...
Along time ago, a British dude posted a series of videos on how to paint a Furioso Dreadnought, the colors he used? Gory Red, Bloody Red 1/1 primer.  Anyways, I have been looking at the new color line, the VGC line and whatever else comes close to Blood Raven coolness factor gamma ultra.  I have mixed feelings about the new Red Gore by Citadel... Khorne Red?

Images used from Tibbs Forge.  I appreciate it.

So as you can see, its pretty impressive.  And the highlight, most impressive.  But I wouldn't do the zenithal highlighting method, even though these pictures I'm looking at almost demand that I do.
I am uncertain which color Wazdaka was supposed to be before the switch, I guess I can look.  But I think it was added to the new line of colors, but let me check.

Okay! I never really looked at this, maybe glanced when it came out, but wow, check it out, Scab Red (ew) replacement was Khorne Red wow, cool, and Wazdakka Red replaced Red Gore.  It may seem I may have been prejudiced against the color for the wrong reason, so back to the drawing board!
You guys have to understand, I want my guys to be perfect, and I really want them to look great and I want to be happy with the final paint scheme. Just like everybody else! But I digress, lets continue....

Here is a shot of my first tactical squad that maybe be going into the 'Dip' (purple power, its awesome and I think safe for the environment for all you hipsters out there, I'm not sure, but you may want to check the label.  Still its a degreaser and no I wouldn't be pouring it, into the sewer line.  Who wants purple fish?
There, I posted a picture of the logo, now go out and find it on your own, but if you need help just message me.

On to the main event.

The assembled marines, washed, prepped and ready for airbrush love.  I always leave a little nub of poster putty on areas that'll be glued on later.

The paints responsible for the armor.  Now I'm going to go back and dig up Bob the angry test marine and see if I can get a deep, rich and velvety red for my power armor.  This is the new blood angels scheme, minus the new paints, except the Mephiston Red.

The ugly stage, they always look like shit after you've color blocked all the main colors, well 2 in this instance, but they get better. Calm yourselves.

Here we see some progression, more color blocking.  Getting ready for pin washing.

I was actually surprised to see how many likes I got, I forgot to paint the base first, always paint the base first, so I painted it and asked one of my Facebook groups - Hey!  I wanna do city ruins, what do you guys think.  Later on in the day, my notification area was going off like a rabid monkey flinging poo at whomever!

More of the same, I think I completed the bases, but now I'm going to 'dip' them and go about finding a different scheme.  I'm aiming for something like this.

Wups.  Hot tho isn't she?

This is the guy I'm talking about, from the 5th edition codex.  See the deep reds? Yeah, that's what I'm shooting for but with my on twist, OH DEAR GOD I can't wait. :D

More pics.

Here I was done with bases, getting ready for highlighting, then the next day, it was 85 degrees, and in my room, probably hotter, see, the sun sets on my room, so it turns my room into an ez bake oven. I keep my paints low to the floor for the coolest air and trap it under my desk till the next time I use them.  I also invested in a Robart paint shaker, LAF, but wow, works.  I'd suggest it as much as I would suggest a ultrasonic cleaner for your airbrushes.  There are plenty of videos on them on YouTube.  Easy to find just search airbrush ultrasonic baby.

The reason why I called this post Greenwing or Red, sorry for keeping you in suspense, but a lot of Dark Angel players use terms like Deathwing formation or Ravenwing army.  Greenwing is when you just play the marines.  With maybe a little support from the other two specialist groups.  I mean red because I may use the Dark Angels codex for my Blood Ravens, its a thought I've always had.  I can go either way, play as DA or if I want to use the Vanilla *mmm* Codex penned by...the big boy in blue, I could use that.  I'm also eager to try out all these new rules! I haven't played since the 3rd edition! Allies, Demi Company, rolling out 3 tanks as one unit (holy shit) same goes with just about every other vehicle, land raiders, whirlwinds, dreadnoughts, I wanna roll 3 ironclad, I have to collect just 1 more for a formation.  The list goes on.  The new assassin models. Again thanks to my old man, he sent me the box. Blew me away. And one more thing before I close for the night. But I already forgot, it was something to do with, ok I remember.  There are a lot of faults in the space marines I painted up, especially around the shoulder pads.  I used putty to mask off the areas, worked well, but as the layers kept building up I kept running into trouble with the trim and an ugly line appearing that took way too much time knifing it down, sanding it then repainting it.   So this time either I'll hand paint everything (Been meaning to return to the pre airbrushing days.)  Then again only 50% of my work is airbrushed.  And I want to move these guys and the rest to 32mm bases, I'm happy this is happening, only for the fact that I'll be given more decorative options and finally be able to use that City Ruin basing kit I bought during the 5th or 6th edition.

So anyways, I'm out for the night, lets hope I wake up chilly and be able to work something out.
Take care, 

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