Sunday, March 27, 2016

PVP Games

This is for you John, I will delete it till you have it read.  Thanks.  Randy (Roy)

[06:42] Pam Thomas: Hello Randy I see that you are becoming a issue for a couple of my member's, I think it's in your best intrest to cease fire on the both of them or we and our allie's will beging retaliation against you personally, so you have 1 or 2 choices here, cease fire or deal with what will happen, keep in mind to feel free to go into our list of allies and looks at all we can add to attacking your base..they fight with us and will attack with us as we do for them. This combines ran much more differently then other's. Regard's and good hunting.
Pam Thomas
Nightmare G-Zero

[03:53] Randy Russell: Anyway in response to your message, a member of my combine has taken it upon himself to attack you or a member of your combine.  You have to understand the mechanics of this game - it's a player vs player enviorment - meaning, in order to gain experience, you have to attack other players.  When I choose to attack, I do it only to gain experience and level.  The personal event countdown missions always seen to get me into trouble, you are not the first to whine about it.  So, do what you need to do, actions are louder than text.  Have a good day Commander.

[04:03] Randy Russell: I have also requested the help of a few friends of mine from Shadows Inc. who are ranked #4 on this server if things should be elevated from this point on.  So in retrospec, I do not attack other players because they are weak or otherwise, only to take care of my personal missions.  I do not hold any grudge or whatever you want to call it commander.  I noticed my combine member liberated (or nuked you) only to clear the way for an attack against your base or your combine member, I'm not clear on who or what.

[04:05] Randy Russell: But, understand that again, I only attack or occupy till liberation is made against me just to handle my personal missions.  Whomever is closest and level required for that personal mission is -only to take care of that mission- I hope I've made myself clear.

[05:31] Pam Thomas: Your threats with Muders inc  dont hurt my feelings none I have been hit by many and to note I have friends in there as well...position means nothing when your combine Helps 2 alliances TTA & UJC not to include the underground alliances that we are a part this is my final warning to leave my 2 members alone theres way to many dead combines for you to earn yr yr excuses are useless now wanna run to murders inc? pls do..Im having my allies add defenses to both bases and yr next hit will be yr last..NOW did i make myself clrear to u?

[05:37] Pam Thomas: To also not to yr smart mouth this isnt a creir this is a warning yr b **** and a  cry baby to use  this boo hoo **** to another combine Murders inc Sadow inc either way I have friends all around.. I want you to attack me pls better take a good hard look into my allies list..those dont include the undergrounds so since we hit mc's for many of our allies I think u threatening me with attack is a BIG joke as so are u yr long bs messages is Nothing to me hahaha plz send whoever u want to 

[05:48] Randy Russell: I wasn't threatening you, I was saying if this elevates to a higher state then I'll ask for help.  And wow a potty mouth, not a word of mine to you was in such a manner.  I tried to be as...polite as I could.  Again, I do as I want to.  This is a pvp game commander.  Open warfare and if you or your 2 combine members do not want to be hit, then I suggest buying a shield for thier bases.  You do understand that messaging me doesn't help the situation.  You opened a line of communication to me, and what do you expect me to respond with?  If you don't want to hear it then do msg me.  Your combine 

[05:50] Pam Thomas: unfotunately for yr friend for atacking my base it looks like Forces Franciase will be doing a nice visit and his excuses for attacking wont work MY husband will see to that

[05:50] Randy Russell: members should talk to me personally, and not elevate it to you, if they have a problem with me then let them hit the revenge button on the bottom of the report screen.  it's that simple.  I didn't run to my combine leader saying "Wahhh, this guys attacking me" I handled it myself cause i have my big boy pants on.

[05:53] Randy Russell: AS far as my fellow member he was just looking for something to do.  He's a good guy and do as you want with him.  Part of having fun in this game is well...player vs player.  You aren't the first to threaten me, or send me messages and probably won't be the last.  Raid me, or occupy me, I won't get frustrated with it.  It's just a game, relax.  But please, handle it any way you want too.

[05:54] Pam Thomas: You really are ignorant cause t think they come crying to me is real funny hahah i keep troops n all my members bases ROFLMAO at U this chats done with what ever happens hahahaha

[05:56] Randy Russell: You are really lowering yourself by calling me names, have I done the same to you?
[05:58] Randy Russell: You really should do something about that guy occupying your base instead of aggrovating yourself and me.

[06:02] Pam Thomas: Once again yr still crying to me and as for the 1 occuppying my base hes MY husband and does so because I love him somthing u most likely dont understand and  hes here for more than that!! Once again this chats done dont bother messaging me back cause its useless face yr own consequences and cry to someone that really cares

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