Friday, September 30, 2016

Down but Not Out!

As summer is winding down, for a brief period there, down here in Southern California, we got mid to high 70's during the day, and low 60's at night, perfect for painting....but

It all changed a few days later, kinda irritated me in a big way, unfortunately I have an IPhone, and I use the weather app that's wired in.  SO, me being a big guy on having to have it be the perfect weather for painting I went ahead and added all the other places I've lived in my life.  Every other place was like it was for a few days there, just down here in Orange it's a hope crushing 90+ for an odd or even amount of days and high 70's at night.  So I'm keeping an eye on the weather day to day.

Why you ask?

Well I'm glad you asked.  You see we hobbyist paint with acrylic paints.  And acrylic paints immortal enemy, summer heat.  I also forgot to mention that I live in a ghetto here in Orange County.  Back in the 90's, it was every weekend at night gunfights with rival gangs around the neighborhood.  It sucked, and I worked graveyard at Kmart back then as a stock boy.  But anyway back to my point, this duplex that we live in has no air conditioning.  And back in the 70's and 80's I'm pretty sure it didn't stay this hot well into the end of September/October.  So yeah.  It sucks.

But I'm not down nor am I out.  I have everything set in subassemblies.  Except tactical squads.  Well their bolters are not glued in yet, waiting to paint the area underneath then apply bolter hand/arm.  So here's a list.

1. 4 10 man tactical squads, various special weapons and heavy weapons.
2. 1 5 man assault squad, I wish it could be 10 but I'm a broke bastard at the moment.
3. 2 devastator squads - 4xML 4xGA (missile launchers and grav-amps).
4. 1 Sternguard kit, all though I may revisit this kit and see if I should change their weapons, or better yet magnetize them.  I still have a pot of rustoleum magnetic primer.  Working in conjunction with small magnets it should work.
5. 1 Vanguard veteran kit, mostly lightning claws, well all.
6. 1 Terminator assault squad armed with storm shields and thunder hammers.
7. 4 Rhinos and 1 Razorback.
8. Various Scouts with different weapons.
9. 6 (2 3 man squads) of Space marine bikers.
10. One of my favorite kits - the scout bike squad.
11. 1 Ironclad dreadnought, all weapons interchangeable.
12. Drop pod for said Dread.  I can only afford one right now.  So it goes to the dread.
13. Or a Venerable dreadnought.
14. One Callidus Assassin. (My favorite)
15. 2 Predator annihilators Las/2HB

There's a few I missing but I don't wanna rifle through my crap right now.  Everything is organized into separate bags for each model and held together with binder clips (ahh just like the old days when I painted for money. Haha, the only reason I'd paint for money is for smokes, yes I'm that stressed out about how my life is going at the moment.  And that's it!  It says, that the weather will be tapering down here this next week, I sure hope so!

And one more thing, my dad just helped me out again with some paints.  I've decided on the scheme I've talked about in the past, he told me to make a wishlist and send it to him and I did.

He's been really cool in helping me out.  But incase you forgot the scheme I'm talking about it's a cross between flesh tearer reds and...I think that's it.  I want to work with a black primer.  And Khorne Red adheres to black really well without losing hue or saturation.  Then from there a overhead (I might, not really big on ZH schemes) of Wazdakka red.  I really love the purplish hues of the new Khorne red, not something I can find with the VGA Gory Red pots I got, so if anyone needs! Let me know maybe we can trade some stuff, I have 3 of each, bloody red and gory red.

But I am keeping VGA Bone White and Dead White for shoulder pads.

Okay so some of you may know I'm a huge fan of Tibb's Forge (links on the right check out his site) but for the sake of saving you time, I still recommend checking out his site though, I'm gonna toss up this image.
Link to the post.

The red is perfect, and he used citadels new or now semi-old line of paints.  It's not as crisp as Mephiston red, but I kept telling myself that Meph. Red wasn't the right color I'm after.  Then I found this article.  And I'm so following his recipe.  He knows I worship him lol.  But yeah - and from the new videos on the upcoming game - Dawn of War 3, if you take a look at what's his faces (Gabriel's) Cataphractii armour in the games footage and some of the new wallpapers coming out from Relic, his armor is more of the 'how the armor looked in the older Dawn of War games.  Dark fucking red!  And I love it, love the fact they're going back to that.  Dawn of War 2, the red was a bit brighter and yeah I would have went with that - like you've seen in some of my test mini's, but yeah!  Dark bloody red!  So I can't wait.

Here's an example from one of the wallpapers.  I also noticed from the first ingame footage they put up on YouTube that his armor was DARK RED.  It goes so much better with bone white.  But check it out.

I'll eat your babies.
So yeah I'm really excited and really excited that the two examples work one maybe a tad darker but I'm going to leave that coat of Wazdakka Red up like it is so that I can easily paint battle damage and scratches.  Less is more.

So that's it! For now at least, when the weather decides to make its mind up, I'll be full bore.  I'll do each tactical squad in say...a week or less for each.

Thanks guys!  Go ahead and leave a comment or comment in the Facebook group I just wanted to post this here so I could add images the way I wanted to.  Thanks!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out, man! I have to say the red looks awesome on that squad. Did you use the blue and purple hues in the shadows? It's hard to tell in the pics because it's surprisingly subtle. On the terminators you can only really see it from below.