Thursday, December 31, 2015

Been Awhile

Since last update...

I have been building a demi company for my Blood Ravens.  I've assembled all 3 tactical squads needed.  I've washed my first 10 and waiting for them to dry. After washing I place them in a old butter container, along with a few paper towels and a couple of those silicon bead pouches to help evaporate the remaining moisture.  But this morning if they haven't finished drying after I'm done playing Soldiers Inc (AVP) on Facebook, I'll break out a few clean q-tips and hairdryer to help speed up the process.  Then I'll take them to the sand and pebble bin and apply the it to the base with Tacky Glue.
I love this stuff for bases.

Shit. -F  Stay away from this stuff like if
it were radioactive.
The right stuff. A+++
Okay, when it comes to gluing sand to bases, this stuff is primo!  Of course it needs a little bit of watering down, but yeah.  I can also use the old games-workshop pva glue that's spectacular! By far, this was the best line of PVA glue by the company, the other, not so good.  I binned it after a few trials.

So actually I think I'll go with the PVA glue from GW.  The blue tube.  The Tacky Glue is the bomb, but it's really really thick and difficult to water down.  The blue tube is wonderous.  Like magic in a tube.

I'll post another picture of the squad after I've done the duty.  I'll need to mask the areas where the gun and hand are with either Vallejo masking medium or Silly putty.

Thanks for staying around and again check back later for the pre priming stage.
Yours Truly, 

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