Monday, September 28, 2015


Well since I'm still battling the heat down here in so cali, I'm still at a stand still with continuing with the hobby.  But I still roam the interwebs looking for cool stuff to post.  Even though you probably found it before I had, or been there already. Anyways, enough feeling sorry for myself.  I'm still itching to paint my Callidus Assassin, as well as the rest of my Dawn of War army.

Here's what I have to paint.  Since the release of the new edition and having all this unbound, demi companies and what not.  New rules for allies, etc.

Blood Ravens Demi Company.  Mostly consisting of the new models, have to strip my first 10 and rebase them, the other 3, 10 man tacsquads are ready to be based. Meaning to just to glue them to the base, wash model (again), wait for drying, glue, sand and rocks and ready to paint.

Uncertain Amount of Imperial Guardsmen.  Yeah, I said it, just the new name escapes me at the moment. A Leman Russ tank, and I'll probably end up adding a few things to the boxed army I got.

Callidus Assassin -  Since the 3rd edition or probably 4th, I don't remember, I learned to use this assassin correctly, and from the rules I've read there's a slight variation of rules.  Plus it'll be fun.

Uncertain Assassin - I don't know which one I want to add.  I'm thinking of using the one they used in the audio drama, The Emperor's Judgement.

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